Serin 2018
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The programme will consist of:

  • State-of-the-art lectures
  • Keynote lectures
  • Invited lectures
  • Expert sessions
  • Interactive sessions
  • Oral communications
  • Commented posters sessions

To stress the interactive multidisciplinary character of the symposium, the programme will run plenary.
No parallel sessions will be organized.

Confirmed Faculty Members and Lecturers

  • Mübeccel Akdis: Plasma cells and B regulation
  • Evangelos Andreakos: Type I and type III interferons in anti-viral immunity and immune regulation
  • Claus Bachert: Biologics will change the rhinologist’s world!
  • Barbara Bröker: Staphylococcus aureus in airway disease: allergen – superallergen – superantigen?
  • Lars-Olaf Cardell: Neuropeptides and innate immunity
  • Adam Ceroi: Microvesicles in airway inflammation
  • Eugene Chang: Viral infections in the development of chronic upper airway disease
  • Stephen Durham: Novel approaches and the future of AIT
  • Elien Gevaert: The many faces of Eosinophils in upper airway disease
  • Hannah Gould: Local and systemic IgE repertoires in allergic rhinitis and nasal polyps
  • Peter Howarth: What can we learn from the latest findings for asthma and COPD?
  • Bart Lambrecht: Charcot-Leyden crystals in persistent airway disease
  • Olga Krysko/Andrea Teufelberger: The interplay of the staphylococcal protease SplD and IL-33 in the development of allergic asthma in mice
  • Newbold Paul: IL-5Ralpha antagonism in airway disease
  • Ruby Pawankar: Microbiome and allergic disease in early life
  • Harald Renz: Antisense therapy in upper airway inflammation
  • Mohamed Shamji: Mechanisms in AIT – Latest update
  • Robert Schleimer: Barrier function in CRSwNP ; Tissue remodelling and new ways of treatment
  • Mohamed Shamji: Mechanisms in AIT – Latest update; Monoclonals in allergic rhinitis - Feld 1-specific IgG4 antibodies are effective!
  • Koen van Crombruggen: ILCs one two three!

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Serin 2018
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